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32 millions de baguettes et 2 millions de cafés

great infographic video, even if you don’t speak a lick of french.

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paris in motion

Paris In Motion (Part I) from Mayeul Akpovi on Vimeo.

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the trip

that thing where you try to find the exact right words to describe something. and then you wait too long.

I had the best of intentions for posting a recap of my whole euro-trip, but it was harder than I ever imagined. ‘amazing’ and even ‘life-changing’ sound ridiculously cliche.

so here are just a few highlights (now with more wikipedia links!). for all my amsterdam + france pics, go here and explore my instagram feed.

ugh, right? no caption needed here, really. our first night in paris, jess and I walked across the city from the train station, this big ole beacon guiding our way the whole time. by dusk, we’d arrived. crepes in hand, we spread out a blanket and waited for the sun to set. mag-i-cal.

when I describe paris now, I find myself using the phrase ‘like new york’ quite a bit. maybe that’s why it felt so familiar and electric at the same time. diverse, bustling, a little gritty. everyone’s dressed in black. but then you happen upon scenes like the one above. the oldest can-can juxtaposed with the newest burger joint.

burgers. so hot right now in paris, by the way.

oh hey, moulin rouge.

this. I could get used to this.

blanket breakfast at sacré coeur in montmartre. the highest point in the city. the best croissant of my entire life. is this heaven?

wouldn’t be paris without lovers. le sigh.

I’m leaving so much out. not just about paris, but about my time spent in amsterdam and limoux. still trying to find the words. stay tuned.

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weather in paris

so close I can peek at the 10-day forecast.

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at last

things are getting serious. The wheels are in motion for my first-ever flight to europe. no turning back now. I’ll soon be visiting paris, the city I’ve been obsessed with for years.

to prepare, I’ve been collecting interesting and helpful blog posts on pinterest and tips from friends on facebook:

I leave july 4 (the irony is not lost on me, don’t worry) for 10ish days. I’ll spend the first few days in amsterdam with my pal jess, who just moved there from Indy a few months ago.

then I’ll take the train to paris. this will be my first time out of the country, and my first time exploring a city alone. scary, but I’m embracing it, planning to walk and wander a whole lot, maybe even try my hand at couch surfing.

things I am worried about:

  • traveling solo
  • being shy
  • not knowing the language. I’m sorta trying to learn, but it’s not really sticking. what seems to be working best, I guess not surprisingly, is listening to french pop songs.

things I am not worried about:

  • carrying too much luggage. my plan is to pack some books, my laptop, camera, and minimal clothing.
  • having to walk a lot. I love walking.
  • looking like a tourist. I mean, c’mon.

stay tuned as I plan my trip in more detail. in the meantime, I’ll just be here watching this video on repeat:

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across the universe

a visual tour of places I’d like to visit + revisit in 2012.

This post inspired by think kit.

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seattle skyline

winslow wharf marina

pegasus coffee, bainbridge island

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after new york, every place else is bridegport

I spent last week in nyc, a place I’ve visited several times but never really experienced. the first time I went, I was just a kid. my mom took me and I don’t remember much beyond trying escargot in a fancy restaurant and seeing jesus christ superstar for the first time. (both of which, I loved.)

I went again as a high school student on a senior year field trip. this is when I  remember doing all the touristy things: saw the statue of liberty, times square, chinatown, ground zero, and several broadway shows (I was in show choir and it was a REALLY big deal that I got to see Adam Pascal reprise his role as Radames in aida.)

And then again on a whirl-wind trip to times square for new year’s eve with an then-boyfriend in college. sounds romantic, but it was really just a lot of standing around and a brief lindsay lohan sighting.

as you can imagine, this trip was completely different. I am (more or less) an adult, doing adult things like exploring Brooklyn on the back of a motorcycle, shopping at flea markets in williamsburg, and enjoying back-to-back evenings of rare steak and old fashioneds.

my favorite night spots were weather Up in prospect heights and roman’s in fort greene (both pictured below, respectively). Honorable mention goes to jimmy’s no. 43 in the east village for a memorable last night in nyc.

other highlights included a nap in prospect park, a mango flower on a stick with chili sauce and salt at coney island and scenes from the west indian day carnival parade.

despite intimidation caused by subway transit, the city seemed overwhelmingly accessible. I’m already mentally planning my next trip and can easily picture myself as a future new yorker. “Why not? It’s NYC.”

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back to the future

Well, my brain certainly is a lot more wrinkly after this weekend (that means I learned a lot.)

The Miller House symposium at the IMA whetted my appetite. I was inspired by architects, designers, and mod-lovers. My eyes feasted on vivid Girard prints and retro airline commercials.

The next day was spent in Columbus, getting up close and personal. Here are a few shots from this weekend’s tour. I was already pretty happy with the photos I took last year, so I didn’t end up taking many new ones.

After a long day of touring, walking, thrifting, and making new friends, we all ended up at Bistro 310 (local! sustainable!). All in all, a heaping slice of Columbus in a fairly short amount of time. I’m still waiting to see the CBS Sunday Morning design episode featuring Columbus, IN (I don’t have a TV) that aired yesterday. If anyone spies it on YouTube, let me know.


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mod again

A little over a year ago, I toured modernist mecca Columbus, IN for the first time. This past weekend, I was back: reliving my first real brush with mod-ness on a grand scale.

In honor of my return to Columbus this past weekend, please enjoy a few images and blog posts from last year’s pilgrimage. Ever sentimental, I can’t help myself but to relive my torrid love affair with Dan Kiley, the landscape architect for Miller House (which I visited yesterday for the fourth time.) I was so moved at the time, I wrote a blog post about it:

I was moved by I.M. Pei‘s sleek lines. Seduced by Eames‘ furniture design. Amazed by Harry Weese‘s understanding of light. But in all this courtship, something unexpected happened. An unmistakable tug at my heart strings and a tummy full of butterflies. I fell madly in love with landscape architect Dan Kiley. Well, to be exact, I fell in love with his landscape architecting skills.

Kiley knew the landscape a structure sits on is just as important as the structure itself. It’s a balanced, complementing relationship. A gentle dance across a crowded floor. Swoon.

I wandered through Kiley’s shaded clean grid patterns, well-trimmed shrubs and meticulously placed trees. All were in linear harmony with the horizontal and vertical lines of the structures at their center.

Read A Modern Romance in full here.

Here are some of my favorite images from last year. Gosh, I’m spoiled. Enjoy.

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I’ve got the travel bug

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