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I’m going mod

Somebody pinch me.

I’ve been invited to attend a VIP architecture tour in Columbus, IN this weekend (including the IMA’s Miller House) Huge deal. Stay. Tuned. Can’t wait? Find out more here and follow the hotness on twitter: #COLMCM



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currently obsessed with…

peering into other people’s houses from the street at dusk. (imma voyeur at heart.)

wood grain.

stripes. OK,  so this is not so much a current obsession as it is an allthetime obsession.

heirloom chicken. I haven’t had it yet. YET.


The New Pornographers.

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i just wanna

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the meanest hunk ‘o woman anybody ever seen

So apparently there was some kind of race going on this weekend? I dunno. All I have on my mind is roller derby.

My third season kicked off this week and already I’ve garnered a new badge of honor:

We also got a small batch of fresh meat to add to the mix. Their first league practice was not unlike this.

So to all of you race fans sitting at home with a weekend’s worth of bad tan lines and bad decisions- take a deep breath. Roller derby season will be here sooner than you think.


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not so anonymous

I’m having a social media event tonight at the Indianapolis Museum of Art… hope to see you there. No mask required.


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what happened to spring?

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who’s that girl?

While attending a social media event this morning, I got to thinking again how the online world has seeped into every single part of my life. My job. My relationships. My social life. A creative outlet…a tool for discovery. Which made me wonder further (I was paying attention to the panel, I swear!) if I’d even be the person I am today if it didn’t exist.

This was the first picture I ever uploaded to FB. The birth of the ‘online me’… Would my image be the same if not for my online experiences? I say this because I feel so deeply connected to this form of media vs. TV, magazines, etc.

This is me today. Now, I’ve always been a chameleon of sorts, but how did I get from point A to point B? Thoughts?

You knew I’d slip in a ‘what I wore today’ pic at some point.



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that’s right.

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I don’t care what the calendar says

It’s SPRING in our house!

So what do you do when it’s 50 degrees and sunny in early March? Buy a bike of course.

It was too big to fit in the back of my car, so I had to ride it home from the bike shop. Then for dinner, Kyle got his grill on. Here’s what we ate.

yes, there's still snow in the yard


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beat my valentine

hey… that one on the left looks familiar…


(via @ronlewhorn)

the story behind this poster is really cool, but for now just make sure you get your butt to the bout this weekend! Go NRG!


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