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roller derby 101: with donuts

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dancing with dirt

last weekend, I was up at 4:30am. I packed my bag the night before. Here’s what it contained:

Our team assembled and packed a Jeep full of the day’s necessities.

What kinda trouble were we getting ourselves into? I’ll let the DWD website sum it up for me:

I’ll tell ya what it aint’, it aint’ no place for wimps and it aint a place for pansey, “don’t get my shoes dirty” runners afraid of a few roots and cliffs.

We got our hands dirty…

OK, so not just our hands.

By the end of the day, I was tuckered. out. Bruised, scraped, soaked to the bone… I’d run more miles in one day than ever before… up hills, down hills, through woods, mud, streams, rain and altogether treacherous terrain.

Was it worth it? Hell yes. The hardest things always are.


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Noxious Donna: derby muse?

It must be the pink tights. I thought I’d share with you the adventures of my derby persona via kick-ass art. Thanks to the awesome artists who made my life-long dream of being a comic book heroine come true.

Here’s the latest one:

And of course, don’t forget this one by the lovely Danica McKiller:

And this bout poster from intrepid guest blogger Aaron:

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tornado sirens and storm troopers

Wow, what an intense and highly entertaining bout this weekend. NRG overcame Sioux Falls 100 to 89. A VERY close game and a sold out crowd.

Maiden America broke the NRG record with a 28 point jam! (That’s twice as many points as I’ve ever scored in a single jam.) That woman is a super hero!

NRG.Scar.Wars.010 by Arilius0.

And, the theme of the night was Star Wars. Great costumes.

NRG.Scar.Wars.011 by Arilius0.

Chewy! (photos via Marc L)


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sock off

I have a dirty, dirty secret: I stuff my skates.

(via flickr)


It was love at first site when I got my Riedells, but just like any new skater, it’s easy to be confused about fit. The first pair I ordered were FAR too big. Since they come in men’s sizes and not women’s, I was told to order a size to a size and half below what I normally wear.

So on my second attempt, I ordered a 5.5 (I normally wear a 6.5-7 shoe size). And when they fit ‘good enough’ I was far too excited to do anything but strap them on and skate.

So my dearest roller skates… we’ve been together almost two years now, and well.. you’ve gotten a little big. Don’t get me wrong, you still look GREAT- barely a day over one! But I’ve been overcompensating for your stretch… piling on up to six… yes SIX pairs of socks. Which may or may not be contributing to my sore feet, ankles and shin splints.

What’s a roller girl to do?


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in deep

taken by yours truly in my college photojournalism class

Ugh. Sorry for the recent gap in posts. I’m in over my head this week. Things have been a little hectic in both my professional and derby lives, however, my personal life has been rather uneventful! (in a good way)…

We did have a nice little Valentine’s Day

I gave Kyle his awesome print (below), and he gave me a vintage pillbox hat (I’ll snap a photo soon)

Kyle Hodges aka DJ TwinPeaks

I have a derby bout in Michigan this weekend, where I’ll be skating with the Tornado Sirens, YES! Wish me luck!

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there’s no crying in derby

OK,  I was going to wait to blog about my new year’s resolutions, but I need to declare one right now: Stop ignoring little things until they become big things. nip.it.in.the.bud.

And leave it to derby to teach me this life lesson.

I’ve been putting off getting new knee pads for weeks, despite two bruised knees. And apparently I’ve got some pent up emotions I’ve failed to deal with as well. I put a big ole crack in the dam when in the first jam of the night, I fell fully on one knee…and all those emotions (in the form of snot, tears and a few expletives) came gushing out right then.

No serious injuries, aside from a big fat bruised ego. At least I didn’t sit and sob. I got right back up, bottom lip quivering, and whimpered my way around the track. This is not the first or last time derby made me cry, but I need to get it together. I’ve got a bout coming up! First order of business is to buy new knee pads. After that? Ugh, who knows. I thought roller derby was supposed to help me get it all out. :)

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back to da grind

last day of holiday vacation, and back to work tomorrow. I have a pretty good attitude about it, mostly because I’m in denial. Actually, I tend to fare better when I’m on a schedule (just ask Kyle)

Here are some pics from the last couple (fairly) lazy weeks!

I made multiple batches of these cookies. Mom's recipe...so good.

Raspberry preserves from Mom that came in cute drinkware

Kyle got me this cmd-Z (undo) necklace for Xmas

Tugger playing with red string

waiting for people to show up to our NYE party

NYE in the basement

Kyle DJing in our basement

some of my fave derby girls

we sure clean up well!

Oh, Becky

and we did get some snow... so over it

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I love a challenging workout, but I get bored really easily. I’m in pretty good shape, and I’m sure I could handle running  5-7 miles, but my mind is so over it after 2 or 3. I have exercise A.D.D.!

look at those guns

That’s why roller derby has been so good to me. The 2 hour practices fly by because we are constantly moving, jumping, racing, sprinting (because we’re being ordered to). On my days off, I like to jog or attend a yoga class (lactic acid be gone!). But since it’s so damn cold outside now, I’ve returned to an old standby- workout DVDs.

Yes, I have a treadmill in my living room… but like I said, I get bored really really easily, and I guess I like being told what to do.

I own one DVD that I discovered (by chance) before I ever started derby. I LOVE it, but it’s been around long enough that I need something else in the rotation. It’s a big deal to me that the only equipment you need for this are dumbbells. Hell, you could use soup cans or detergent bottles if you’re in a pinch.

So, I was looking for something challenging for those who are no stranger exercise, no fancy equipment required, and something short and efficient to keep my mind from wandering. Enter: Jillian Michaels.

Yeah, so I kind of just liked the name ‘Shred’, but I’m extremely happy with it. It’s VERY similar to the workouts we do in derby: walking planks and pushups,  TONS of plyometrics, and good old-fashioned calisthenics. Bonus points for squeezing a ton of exercising in to either  a 20 or 30 minute workout. I did both the first night and was so sore the next day.

So long as the weather sucks, I’ll be Netflixing more workout DVDs. Got any suggestions?

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caption this photo

…more bout photos from Ribbons ‘n Blows here and here.


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i have a bout this weekend…

are you coming?

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one for the record books

I’ve been having an amazing weekend, derby and otherwise. Here are a few pics from Naptown vs. Bleeding Heartland. Best photography I’ve seen at a bout yet!!



First bout at Pepsi Coliseum!


First, I was the Pivot



Then, I was the Jammer!


...and back and forth...


I had a 14 point jam!

Belles won Belles won 124 - 33

We won 124 - 33


My mom got to see me skate for the first time!


One of my favorite parts of the whole night was signing autographs

Check out even more pictures by Marc and Tom. For some commentary on the bout, check out the message boards. Way to go Belles and Sirens (Sirens won too!)

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I love my coaches

J. Roller and Diane Beatin

J. Roller and Diane Beatin'

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a few pics

from last weekend’s bout thanks to Tom Klubens

from flickr user dketchum

from flickr user dketchum

from flickr user dketchum

from flickr user dketchum

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I’m still reeling from last weekend’s bout vs. Killamazoo. And by reeling, I mean I’m tired and sore.

This was my first bout playing as a ‘Siren’, and we won. Injury tally:  bruised butt, bruised ribs, and a mangled ‘toe knuckle’ (the last one happened at the after party. Big blockers + stilettos= pain)… I’ll post some pictures from the bout soon, and if my bruises turn funky colors, I’ll post pics of those too. Just don’t make me laugh– it hurts too much.

hopefully this will tide you over.

hopefully this will tide you over.

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talkin’ derby

Hi, I play roller derby. If you wanna see me skate, then buy yourself some tickets.

this is not quite an accurate depiction of what I do:

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