Just saw this post on Phil the Void about the new construction going on (literally) next door to my house.  Earlier this summer, the house behind me was flattened, dug up, and leveled out in a matter of days…. now it looks like it might be a parking lot. Here’s the scoop on what’s going back there:

On my way home from downtown tonight, I happen to drive the future location of Recess Indy, at the corner of 49th and College. (A stretch of college which I’ve read is being called the Gourmet Ghetto by Neil Brown)

There was dust coming from the open door as the construction workers inside are working to transform an old looking storefront into something delicious and new.

Chef Greg Hardesty describes Recess as the restaurant that he has always wanted.

If I am to understand his website/blog, it looks like there will be two ways to enjoy the experience.

  • “Recess Take Away” will be a takeout stop on your way home from a busy day. If you don’t want to cook, but you want a fully prepared meal, swing by, get the ingredients and assemble at home.
  • “Recess The Restaurant” on the other hand will be a restaurant with a whim. Chef Greg and his team will post their dinner online and patrons won’t have to make any decisions once they arrive. I interpret this idea as everyone eating and enjoying the same deliciously prepared meal, which will be whatever the team wanted to make that day.

It looks pretty interesting!

I can’t wait, especially because Recess will be on my way home.

I’ll try to keep you updated when I see the open sign, in the meantime follow their progress on their websit

It’s really exciting to be in an up-and-coming area. I really like my little ‘hood, and I want to see it succeed!



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3 responses to “recess

  1. this girl

    The ‘west side’ of Indy is the true gourmet ghetto! For starters, it’s the real ghetto and there are plenty of amazing ethnic restaurants waiting to be discovered.

    That being said, I am excited to try these new places that are going to push Indy’s culinary limits!

  2. More coming!!!

    Check out my post this morning:

    Also, I made a Broad Ripple Delivery Database:



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