one for the record books

I’ve been having an amazing weekend, derby and otherwise. Here are a few pics from Naptown vs. Bleeding Heartland. Best photography I’ve seen at a bout yet!!



First bout at Pepsi Coliseum!


First, I was the Pivot



Then, I was the Jammer!


...and back and forth...


I had a 14 point jam!

Belles won Belles won 124 - 33

We won 124 - 33


My mom got to see me skate for the first time!


One of my favorite parts of the whole night was signing autographs

Check out even more pictures by Marc and Tom. For some commentary on the bout, check out the message boards. Way to go Belles and Sirens (Sirens won too!)


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One response to “one for the record books

  1. Josephine

    So much awesome of you out there. Congrats an a fantastic night!

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