snip snip

oh yes, and I got a hair cut

the inspiration:

(via fuckyeahgirlswithshorthair)


(via imstillher)

The result:

Thanks @savvykatie! Oh, and in case you forgot, here’s the before… although, let’s be honest, I rarely wore it down:



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8 responses to “snip snip

  1. f*ckyeahgirlswithshorthair is a great blog! Now if there was one for girls with really thin hair I would be so stoked.

  2. And your hair looks fab by the way. Perfect with your cute little gum drop face!

  3. trendygirlbeck

    yeah, kate! this rocks! hmmm…now creating a F*ckyeahgirlswithlonghair site…sweet!

  4. Yeah, I think short hair looks great on girls with pretty faces. Both of those blogs are loaded with young, waif-like nymphettes. This 32 year old, flat-faced, big nosed girl needs a wall of hair and bang to hide behind. 😉

  5. Nikki, you are insane, girl! On top of being pretty and nymph-like, you are also tall and have the ability to grow hair past your shoulders.

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