there’s no crying in derby

OK,  I was going to wait to blog about my new year’s resolutions, but I need to declare one right now: Stop ignoring little things until they become big things.

And leave it to derby to teach me this life lesson.

I’ve been putting off getting new knee pads for weeks, despite two bruised knees. And apparently I’ve got some pent up emotions I’ve failed to deal with as well. I put a big ole crack in the dam when in the first jam of the night, I fell fully on one knee…and all those emotions (in the form of snot, tears and a few expletives) came gushing out right then.

No serious injuries, aside from a big fat bruised ego. At least I didn’t sit and sob. I got right back up, bottom lip quivering, and whimpered my way around the track. This is not the first or last time derby made me cry, but I need to get it together. I’ve got a bout coming up! First order of business is to buy new knee pads. After that? Ugh, who knows. I thought roller derby was supposed to help me get it all out. 🙂


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