love this look

…is it summer yet?

via (karlascloset)



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4 responses to “love this look

  1. Her waist is tiny and I love her hair!!! I’m so jealous cos I just can’t pull off short hair!!!

    I’m liking your blog btw…..although, I would recommend thinking about a different page theme, because there’s just so much going on when you first look at it that it overwhelms you! I normally never read blogs that look messy when I first click on the page….it was only that one of your pictures caught my eye!

    Oh and please don’t think I’m a cow or anything! I just think you’re blog is really good and I learned the hard way that your page layout has a huge impact on you readership!!


  2. Thanks for the feedback, I really truly appreciate it, the good and bad. I agree I’ve got a busy page. I just can’t seem to find a theme that I’m completely in love with! Maybe someday 🙂 Thanks Hermia!

  3. Yes, she is amazing!


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