Guest blogger: Mr. Glorified Tracing

Please welcome my first guest blogger ever! I had the pleasure of working with local artist Aaron Scamihorn on the latest NRG bout poster. When I asked him about his process he humbly replied that it’s little more than ‘glorified tracing’. Whatever. Take just one look at his work and you’ll see Aaron’s got one hell of an artistic eye and an insanely creative mind. So, without further ado…


My name’s Aaron. Kate asked me to write a short blog on my process for the latest Naptown bout poster’s illustration and design.

I first saw the tweet from @NaptownRG calling for illustrators back in December. My wife and I have been attending Naptown’s bouts consistently for a couple years now, and I’ve always loved the bout poster artwork. I was extremely excited about the potential of working on one. After a few concept sketches, the marketing director suggested Dora The Destroyer and Noxious Donna to model for the piece.

I took some reference shots and got to work. See my process below:

It was a blast and is hands-down my favorite project to date. I’m really excited to attend the bout Saturday. After consistently dominating in the last few bouts, this one is sure to not disappoint as well!

Geek out over this- here are the ‘tools’ Aaron used for this project:

– I shoot a canon 40d with canon 17-85is lens and Canon speedlite 420ex flash.

– I start by taking the reference shots and blowing out the contrast. This piece in particular utilized a few of the photos spliced together to get the right arm positions etc.

– I work primarily in illustrator for creating the lines and shapes in layers over the reference shot.

– I then bring the illustration into Photoshop where I’ll tweak the colors and texture the piece with layers of paper and grunge brushes.

– I work with a Wacom tablet on my iMac & Macbook Pro.

– I listened to a lot of Pomplamoose during this project.

– I drank a lot Iced Quad Venti Skinny lattes.

You can see more of Aaron’s work here:



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4 responses to “Guest blogger: Mr. Glorified Tracing

  1. Aaron never fails to amaze anyone who has sees his work. For those of you reading this you should definitely take a look at his site. A humbling body of work from such a humble guy.

  2. Justin Bessler

    I don’t believe it. No way Aaron–gifted beyond recognition as he is– there’s no way he drinks skinny lattes. Soy maybe. I don’t believe skinny.

    • haha. I worked at Starbucks for 7 months and went through the gamut of drinks and settled on skim milk and espresso we a couple equals. Simple. Effective.

      Thanks Kate. Good times.

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