who’s that girl?

While attending a social media event this morning, I got to thinking again how the online world has seeped into every single part of my life. My job. My relationships. My social life. A creative outlet…a tool for discovery. Which made me wonder further (I was paying attention to the panel, I swear!) if I’d even be the person I am today if it didn’t exist.

This was the first picture I ever uploaded to FB. The birth of the ‘online me’… Would my image be the same if not for my online experiences? I say this because I feel so deeply connected to this form of media vs. TV, magazines, etc.

This is me today. Now, I’ve always been a chameleon of sorts, but how did I get from point A to point B? Thoughts?

You knew I’d slip in a ‘what I wore today’ pic at some point.




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7 responses to “who’s that girl?

  1. Kate Franzman circa ’07 was just graduating from Penn State and getting tossed into the Indianapolis independent music and art scene (and meeting all the people associated with that). Before that, you were like the biggest John Mayer fan ever.

    The 2010 model is a reflection of 3 years spent amongst musicians, artists, writers and such.

    It’s been a drastic change… It’s more than your physical appearance though! Do you think the change has all that much to do with the internet?

  2. I graduated in ’06 Steve Kelly. 3.5 yrs 🙂

  3. That’s what I’m asking. Would I have been in those environments if not for social media? I certainly wouldn’t have had my job at NUVO, which was the gateway to that world. When I break the elements of ‘me’ apart, I can trace it back to online experiences every time. Maybe it isn’t cause and effect… maybe it’s just a coincidence. I dunno.

  4. I can’t believe you just revealed my ridiculous John Mayer obsession.

  5. antonblender

    I think social media played a role, but it isn’t completely responsible. Social media got you to NUVO, NUVO got you to derby, but at a certain point you put on those roller skates and went for it. And I think your involvement in derby has had a huge effect on who you are today versus who you were when I met you two years ago.

  6. I wonder if you frequent “pinkisthenewblog.com” as much as you did in college!

  7. You should do a daily “What I wore today pic”….if you know what I mean.

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