aruba, jamaica, ooooh I wanna take ya

So while on the epic MCM house tour in Columbus, IN last weekend, I burst through the door of the first home to find this:

Oh yeah, I gotta make that mine.

Just a few days later, I was perusing Craigslist (my new best friend) and found a pretty good version of the same table and chairs. Four chairs instead of six and a little wear ‘n tear.

I had to drive all the way to Kokomo to get it. And as you can see, almost everything fit* into my little green Honda. Almost.

Everything but the table top. That’s kinda important. Oh well. I’ll be heading back up to get the top this week and then another piece of awesome will be added to my collection. Hmm. What next?

*Have to say thanks to the incredibly nice couple that sold me the table. Could not have jammed all that into my car without their help.



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3 responses to “aruba, jamaica, ooooh I wanna take ya

  1. Artgas

    Hello ND,

    If you like home tours, you’ll have to come to the Irvington Home Tour. It included the Benton House. Did you know that Irvington was the first site for Butler University? You can see some Beautiful Olde homes… Our annual Halloween festival (which NRG participates in) you can go on a Haunted Irvington Walking tour.

    I saw you are Media Director for the IMA. My son just graduated from IU with a BA in Telecommunications Media Marketing. Of course having a heck of a time finding a job… You know the ole saying, “Ya never ask, you’ll never know” EIther way, Great Blog. Thanks for doing it. It’s nice to read something from the heart….

    Art B…..

  2. When’s the Irvington home tour? I’m down.

    Love the Halloween Fest.

    re: the IMA…feel free to connect with me on LinkenIn (link’s over on the right hand side somewhere)

    Thanks for introducing yourself!

  3. Artgas

    I’ll have Nick connect with you on LinkedIn. He would be an asset to any company. Great guy and hell of a musician… 🙂
    Here is the link to the Benton House Tour in Irvington.
    They have quite a few homes on the tour and most are pretty incredible. On Lowell alone is The Eli Ritter home @ Irvington and Lowell Ave. Yes, Ritter Ave was named after him. HE was the original farmer in Irvington.
    Have you noticed Dufours on the nw corner of Irvington and Audobon. It used to be a drug store. The infamous John Dillenger robbed it back in the 30’s. HE is buried in Croun HIll. Glad I did. I’m a new NRG fan and Just love it. GREAT fun watching you all do what you love… Love it!!!! I’ll be a season tic holder next season.
    Great to chat with ya K!!!

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