back to the future

Well, my brain certainly is a lot more wrinkly after this weekend (that means I learned a lot.)

The Miller House symposium at the IMA whetted my appetite. I was inspired by architects, designers, and mod-lovers. My eyes feasted on vivid Girard prints and retro airline commercials.

The next day was spent in Columbus, getting up close and personal. Here are a few shots from this weekend’s tour. I was already pretty happy with the photos I took last year, so I didn’t end up taking many new ones.

After a long day of touring, walking, thrifting, and making new friends, we all ended up at Bistro 310 (local! sustainable!). All in all, a heaping slice of Columbus in a fairly short amount of time. I’m still waiting to see the CBS Sunday Morning design episode featuring Columbus, IN (I don’t have a TV) that aired yesterday. If anyone spies it on YouTube, let me know.



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4 responses to “back to the future

  1. Julia Spalding

    It’s so funny. A lot of my extended family lives in Columbus, so I grew up driving by these mod-mod houses on our way to family reunions and such. I always thought they were fascinating, and it’s great that these homes are finally getting the love that they deserve!

  2. I’ve heard so many people say the same exact thing. Especially regarding Miller House. We should go down and spend a day sometime!

  3. Here you go. I think this is the segment? . Very interesting, good short on Columbus. Kudos on the blog!

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