after new york, every place else is bridegport

I spent last week in nyc, a place I’ve visited several times but never really experienced. the first time I went, I was just a kid. my mom took me and I don’t remember much beyond trying escargot in a fancy restaurant and seeing jesus christ superstar for the first time. (both of which, I loved.)

I went again as a high school student on a senior year field trip. this is when I  remember doing all the touristy things: saw the statue of liberty, times square, chinatown, ground zero, and several broadway shows (I was in show choir and it was a REALLY big deal that I got to see Adam Pascal reprise his role as Radames in aida.)

And then again on a whirl-wind trip to times square for new year’s eve with an then-boyfriend in college. sounds romantic, but it was really just a lot of standing around and a brief lindsay lohan sighting.

as you can imagine, this trip was completely different. I am (more or less) an adult, doing adult things like exploring Brooklyn on the back of a motorcycle, shopping at flea markets in williamsburg, and enjoying back-to-back evenings of rare steak and old fashioneds.

my favorite night spots were weather Up in prospect heights and roman’s in fort greene (both pictured below, respectively). Honorable mention goes to jimmy’s no. 43 in the east village for a memorable last night in nyc.

other highlights included a nap in prospect park, a mango flower on a stick with chili sauce and salt at coney island and scenes from the west indian day carnival parade.

despite intimidation caused by subway transit, the city seemed overwhelmingly accessible. I’m already mentally planning my next trip and can easily picture myself as a future new yorker. “Why not? It’s NYC.”


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