the trip

that thing where you try to find the exact right words to describe something. and then you wait too long.

I had the best of intentions for posting a recap of my whole euro-trip, but it was harder than I ever imagined. ‘amazing’ and even ‘life-changing’ sound ridiculously cliche.

so here are just a few highlights (now with more wikipedia links!). for all my amsterdam + france pics, go here and explore my instagram feed.

ugh, right? no caption needed here, really. our first night in paris, jess and I walked across the city from the train station, this big ole beacon guiding our way the whole time. by dusk, we’d arrived. crepes in hand, we spread out a blanket and waited for the sun to set. mag-i-cal.

when I describe paris now, I find myself using the phrase ‘like new york’ quite a bit. maybe that’s why it felt so familiar and electric at the same time. diverse, bustling, a little gritty. everyone’s dressed in black. but then you happen upon scenes like the one above. the oldest can-can juxtaposed with the newest burger joint.

burgers. so hot right now in paris, by the way.

oh hey, moulin rouge.

this. I could get used to this.

blanket breakfast at sacré coeur in montmartre. the highest point in the city. the best croissant of my entire life. is this heaven?

wouldn’t be paris without lovers. le sigh.

I’m leaving so much out. not just about paris, but about my time spent in amsterdam and limoux. still trying to find the words. stay tuned.


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