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a few shots from around my cozy apartment. since I don’t venture out much during the winter.


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back to the future

Well, my brain certainly is a lot more wrinkly after this weekend (that means I learned a lot.)

The Miller House symposium at the IMA whetted my appetite. I was inspired by architects, designers, and mod-lovers. My eyes feasted on vivid Girard prints and retro airline commercials.

The next day was spent in Columbus, getting up close and personal. Here are a few shots from this weekend’s tour. I was already pretty happy with the photos I took last year, so I didn’t end up taking many new ones.

After a long day of touring, walking, thrifting, and making new friends, we all ended up at Bistro 310 (local! sustainable!). All in all, a heaping slice of Columbus in a fairly short amount of time. I’m still waiting to see the CBS Sunday Morning design episode featuring Columbus, IN (I don’t have a TV) that aired yesterday. If anyone spies it on YouTube, let me know.


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mod again

A little over a year ago, I toured modernist mecca Columbus, IN for the first time. This past weekend, I was back: reliving my first real brush with mod-ness on a grand scale.

In honor of my return to Columbus this past weekend, please enjoy a few images and blog posts from last year’s pilgrimage. Ever sentimental, I can’t help myself but to relive my torrid love affair with Dan Kiley, the landscape architect for Miller House (which I visited yesterday for the fourth time.) I was so moved at the time, I wrote a blog post about it:

I was moved by I.M. Pei‘s sleek lines. Seduced by Eames‘ furniture design. Amazed by Harry Weese‘s understanding of light. But in all this courtship, something unexpected happened. An unmistakable tug at my heart strings and a tummy full of butterflies. I fell madly in love with landscape architect Dan Kiley. Well, to be exact, I fell in love with his landscape architecting skills.

Kiley knew the landscape a structure sits on is just as important as the structure itself. It’s a balanced, complementing relationship. A gentle dance across a crowded floor. Swoon.

I wandered through Kiley’s shaded clean grid patterns, well-trimmed shrubs and meticulously placed trees. All were in linear harmony with the horizontal and vertical lines of the structures at their center.

Read A Modern Romance in full here.

Here are some of my favorite images from last year. Gosh, I’m spoiled. Enjoy.

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vivez la langue

These fantastic video clips for the EF Live the Language campaign have been making the blog rounds. The typography, cinematography, message is perfection. See more clips for other countries here. Have you packed your bags yet?

(via blackeiffel)

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there is a light that never goes out

These might be my favorite song lyrics of all time.

(via BT)

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Don’t look back

I do believe this music video has Paige Turner written aaaaaall over it. Zooey… mid-century modern eye candy… choreographed dancing…

P.S. Speaking of eye candy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ‘Him’ button? M. Ward in my living room?

Yes, please.

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i can haz votes?

My darling fur-baby is a finalist in Modernica’s Pets on Furniture Contest. Please take a moment to vote for him so his mommy can win an expensive piece of furniture for him to shed all over.

Just look at this face. Won’t you give him your vote?


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