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making something

I came across this image on Pinterest the other day…

and it reminded me so much of a place I spent a lot of time as a child.

That’s me, with my great aunt Hanlo.

Another shot of the family. My late cousin Susi on the left, my great uncle Henning, and my mom on the right with the curly (permed) hair. That painting in the background was by Otto Weil, Hanlo’s father, a portrait of Hanlo when she was very young. I have my own Otto Weil oil painting in my apartment.

Aunt Hanlo and Uncle Henning’s house was full of wooden sculptures, prints, and oil paintings done by family and friends.

My mom’s house:

These sketches and wooden bust were done by my great grandfather, York Fischer. I have a painting of his, of a dancing girl. It was passed down to me by my own grandfather, also named York Fischer, whose home is also full of art created by loved ones.

It’s hard not to be heavily influenced by this. And I decided to hand-make all my Christmas gifts this year. I’m really not an artist, just a dabbler. The same goes for music, singing, dancing, etc. I often boast that my greatest talent is “being mediocre at everything.”*

Nonetheless, I have been trying my hand at oil painting, praying that some tiny part of my artsy lineage would come through… I’m not quite ready to share that adventure with the world, yet. I did, however, have a back-up plan, using medium I know very well. The internet.

I made a Tumblr for my mom, armed with a scanner and a shoebox of old pictures and ephemera belonging to her late mother, Violet. My Nana.

I scanned in about 40 photos so far, and I’ll keep adding to it. My mom is excited to add her own thoughts and captions.

And I made one for my dad, too. I scanned in wedding announcements and old love letters sent back and forth between his mom and dad during WWII. The letters are rice paper-thin and full of emotion.

This post was inspired by Think Kit 2011.

* My mom disagrees.


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kid knees

So, this last weekend I had my first kidney stone attack. I say ‘attack’ because this thing came at me like an angry mama bear. And she sent me straight to the E.R.

I probably have kidney stones coming and going as they please, without much fuss – until they strike again. The doctor made it a point to tell me this is something I’ll probably have to deal with the rest of my life. Oof.

Something to do with a nice pair of genes. My mom was in the hospital with her first kidney stone attack when she was just a few years older than me, just a few weeks after I was born. Se la vie.

(image via marilynne)

If you’re unaware, a kidney stone attack is “often described as one of the strongest pain sensations felt by humans (being worse than childbirth, broken bones, gunshot wounds, burns, or surgery).”

Which, I suppose, makes me kind of a tough chick, fresh from battle. Although, now the only thing I’m fighting off are sneaky nap attacks:

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back to da grind

last day of holiday vacation, and back to work tomorrow. I have a pretty good attitude about it, mostly because I’m in denial. Actually, I tend to fare better when I’m on a schedule (just ask Kyle)

Here are some pics from the last couple (fairly) lazy weeks!

I made multiple batches of these cookies. Mom's good.

Raspberry preserves from Mom that came in cute drinkware

Kyle got me this cmd-Z (undo) necklace for Xmas

Tugger playing with red string

waiting for people to show up to our NYE party

NYE in the basement

Kyle DJing in our basement

some of my fave derby girls

we sure clean up well!

Oh, Becky

and we did get some snow... so over it

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signed, sealed, delivered


I started writing/addressing Christmas cards yesterday. Do you send Christmas cards? Who do you send them to?


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give thanks

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one for the record books

I’ve been having an amazing weekend, derby and otherwise. Here are a few pics from Naptown vs. Bleeding Heartland. Best photography I’ve seen at a bout yet!!



First bout at Pepsi Coliseum!


First, I was the Pivot



Then, I was the Jammer!


...and back and forth...


I had a 14 point jam!

Belles won Belles won 124 - 33

We won 124 - 33


My mom got to see me skate for the first time!


One of my favorite parts of the whole night was signing autographs

Check out even more pictures by Marc and Tom. For some commentary on the bout, check out the message boards. Way to go Belles and Sirens (Sirens won too!)

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trying out the scanner

haven’t quite mastered this yet… but for now, enjoy this:


My Nana is the blond in the middle

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