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I ain’t mod atchya

Did you know Columbus, Indiana (about 45 min south of Indy) ranks 6th in the nation for architectural innovation and design? Uh-huh. Is true.

Allow me to name drop: Eero Saarinen, Eliel Saarinen, Harry Weese, I.M. Pei… and more.

I’m still reeling from this weekend’s whirl-wind architecture tour. See, what happened was this: Columbus Visitor Center invited a whole bunch of design bloggers from across the country for a VIP tour, including me. You can follow this weekend’s play by play here: #COLMCM and check out some of the pictures I shot on Flickr. Expect more blog posts in the following days.

Aside from all the MCM eye candy, there were also a ton of cool people to hang out with. Go ahead, give ’em some love:

Atomic Indy

Cincinnati Modernation


Modern Ridgewood



Modern Capital

Jet Modern

Back Garage

Apartment Therapy Chicago

Indianapolis Museum of Art Blog



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I’m going mod

Somebody pinch me.

I’ve been invited to attend a VIP architecture tour in Columbus, IN this weekend (including the IMA’s Miller House) Huge deal. Stay. Tuned. Can’t wait? Find out more here and follow the hotness on twitter: #COLMCM



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you’ll be staying in the egg

I know Easter was yesterday, but I thought I’d share this Blob VB3 Egg House by Design dmvA with you:

Drop this egg into your backyard for an impromptu office space, storage or guest room complete with a kitchen, bathroom and shower.  Inside there are many storage grids some large enough to sleep in. It certainly has more personality than the average guesthouse and more fun than a metal shed.  

(more images here: thedesigninspiration)

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