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I’d TAP that

Wanna know what I’ve been doing at work? Here’s blog post I wrote today for the IMA about the multi-media tour (available via iPod Touch) we did for Tara Donovan: Untitled. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty friggin’ proud of it.

We’ve also been racing around the museum creating a channel of short day-to-day happenings we like to call IMA TV. Check it out thus far here and look for a spiffy ArtBabble-like landing page for them in the future.

Here’s one of my favorites:


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take me out tonight

I’m actually DOING something tonight. What a strange thing.


We went to Food Con at the Harrison Center and then hit up Big Car for First Friday. Fun was had by all: check it out here on my BFF Rebecca’s blog (along with some vegetable porn.)


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in deep

taken by yours truly in my college photojournalism class

Ugh. Sorry for the recent gap in posts. I’m in over my head this week. Things have been a little hectic in both my professional and derby lives, however, my personal life has been rather uneventful! (in a good way)…

We did have a nice little Valentine’s Day

I gave Kyle his awesome print (below), and he gave me a vintage pillbox hat (I’ll snap a photo soon)

Kyle Hodges aka DJ TwinPeaks

I have a derby bout in Michigan this weekend, where I’ll be skating with the Tornado Sirens, YES! Wish me luck!

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Guest blogger: Mr. Glorified Tracing

Please welcome my first guest blogger ever! I had the pleasure of working with local artist Aaron Scamihorn on the latest NRG bout poster. When I asked him about his process he humbly replied that it’s little more than ‘glorified tracing’. Whatever. Take just one look at his work and you’ll see Aaron’s got one hell of an artistic eye and an insanely creative mind. So, without further ado…


My name’s Aaron. Kate asked me to write a short blog on my process for the latest Naptown bout poster’s illustration and design.

I first saw the tweet from @NaptownRG calling for illustrators back in December. My wife and I have been attending Naptown’s bouts consistently for a couple years now, and I’ve always loved the bout poster artwork. I was extremely excited about the potential of working on one. After a few concept sketches, the marketing director suggested Dora The Destroyer and Noxious Donna to model for the piece.

I took some reference shots and got to work. See my process below:

It was a blast and is hands-down my favorite project to date. I’m really excited to attend the bout Saturday. After consistently dominating in the last few bouts, this one is sure to not disappoint as well!

Geek out over this- here are the ‘tools’ Aaron used for this project:

– I shoot a canon 40d with canon 17-85is lens and Canon speedlite 420ex flash.

– I start by taking the reference shots and blowing out the contrast. This piece in particular utilized a few of the photos spliced together to get the right arm positions etc.

– I work primarily in illustrator for creating the lines and shapes in layers over the reference shot.

– I then bring the illustration into Photoshop where I’ll tweak the colors and texture the piece with layers of paper and grunge brushes.

– I work with a Wacom tablet on my iMac & Macbook Pro.

– I listened to a lot of Pomplamoose during this project.

– I drank a lot Iced Quad Venti Skinny lattes.

You can see more of Aaron’s work here: www.ronlewhorn.com


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morbid chic

Wow. I stumbled across this book of photographs…i’m infatuated.

Melanie Pullen lives in  Silverlake, but her photographs have taken her all over the world. Her tableaus are created with painstaking attention to detail (using as many as 60 people on a shoot) and research (vintage crime-scene photos, first-hand accounts, and documents Pullen mined from the files of the LAPD) and the end result is images of crazy beauty.

Morbid? yes. Gorgeous? yes. Is it creepy that I find this so beautiful? Of course,  I’ve always thought graves and cemeteries were things of beauty too…

And the book reminds me of this photo by Robert Wiles:

(via kottke.org)

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sparrow lane

I love this work by Holly Andres.

“Inspired by classic Nancy Drew book covers and Hitchcock films, Andres handcrafts highly-stylized scenes featuring a group of young girls grappling with mysterious objects, secret rooms, forbidden knowledge, and ultimately their own burgeoning sexuality. Through her use of bright colors and scenery built from props and costumes found mostly in thrift stores, Andres captures the female experience in a timeless, dream-like world filled with mystery, innocence and suspense.”

Here’s the interview that introduced me to her work.

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