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It’s a Hard Knock Life: Touretta Lynn and NRG Tryouts

Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are doing it. So should you!

Your chance to join the ranks of Indy’s own roller derby superstars, the Tornado Sirens and Warning Belles, comes on Nov. 15, when the ladies of NRG invite any and all aspiring derby girls to lace up their skates and put their skills to the test in Naptown’s next round of tryouts.

Never even played the sport, you say? Don’t you worry.

To get you good and ready for the challenge, we’re throwing in a complimentary session of Touretta Lynn’s School of Hard Knocks. In two adrenalin-packed hours before tryouts, you’ll get individual instruction from one of Naptown’s leading ladies. You’ll find out how to execute a powerful crossover, how to run out of the turns, how to roll with the pack, and how it feels to get hit by 115 pounds of fishnet and fury.


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