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not so anonymous

I’m having a social media event tonight at the Indianapolis Museum of Art… hope to see you there. No mask required.



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back to da grind

last day of holiday vacation, and back to work tomorrow. I have a pretty good attitude about it, mostly because I’m in denial. Actually, I tend to fare better when I’m on a schedule (just ask Kyle)

Here are some pics from the last couple (fairly) lazy weeks!

I made multiple batches of these cookies. Mom's recipe...so good.

Raspberry preserves from Mom that came in cute drinkware

Kyle got me this cmd-Z (undo) necklace for Xmas

Tugger playing with red string

waiting for people to show up to our NYE party

NYE in the basement

Kyle DJing in our basement

some of my fave derby girls

we sure clean up well!

Oh, Becky

and we did get some snow... so over it

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DJ socks

unnecessary, but necessary.

dj socks

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