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how to make an impression

This is helpful.
“Launch your campaign with the most obvious persuader– dotted white silk organza, romantically inclined to the high tiny waist and gauzy full skirt that dances on air…”
“Watch your syntax, know your first editions– in fashion too…”
“For shipshape courtship — white sailing forth at night as a quietly spectacular kind of shirtdress…”
“Lower his resistance and have the last word…”
(images via Millie Motts)

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lunch break thrifting

As you can see, I had some luck today. Who says you have to spend hours sifting through rack after rack? I found all this on my lunch break. Score.

1960s wool coat with faux fur collar (Salvation Army)

floral dress #fitslikeaglove (Salvation Army)


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who’s that girl?

While attending a social media event this morning, I got to thinking again how the online world has seeped into every single part of my life. My job. My relationships. My social life. A creative outlet…a tool for discovery. Which made me wonder further (I was paying attention to the panel, I swear!) if I’d even be the person I am today if it didn’t exist.

This was the first picture I ever uploaded to FB. The birth of the ‘online me’… Would my image be the same if not for my online experiences? I say this because I feel so deeply connected to this form of media vs. TV, magazines, etc.

This is me today. Now, I’ve always been a chameleon of sorts, but how did I get from point A to point B? Thoughts?

You knew I’d slip in a ‘what I wore today’ pic at some point.



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How do we feel about this?

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(via weheartit)

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love this look

…is it summer yet?


via (karlascloset)


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stop it! stop being so damn cute!

I love reading blogs about fashion, design, greening, diy, tattoos, and weddings. God I love wedding blogs. They pretty much encompass all my favorite subjects and the photos can be so magical. Example?

The hair, the dress, the tattoo, the rings, the flowers. It’s so cute my head might explode.

(via mustardandsage and peaceandpandemonium)

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