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this makes me want to

chop it all off

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stop it! stop being so damn cute!

I love reading blogs about fashion, design, greening, diy, tattoos, and weddings. God I love wedding blogs. They pretty much encompass all my favorite subjects and the photos can be so magical. Example?

The hair, the dress, the tattoo, the rings, the flowers. It’s so cute my head might explode.

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random photos on my desktop

not sure what i was saving these for, but it’s quite an interesting assortment…

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snip snip

oh yes, and I got a hair cut

the inspiration:

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The result:

Thanks @savvykatie! Oh, and in case you forgot, here’s the before… although, let’s be honest, I rarely wore it down:


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I really (like reeeeaaallllyyyyy) want to cut my hair like this….


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