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oh shit, it’s nyarlathotep

Think you know who’d win in a fight between a vampire and a were-wolf? Silly mortal.

Someone put a lot of time and thought into this list…

Here is the order, from least dangerous to most dangerous:

  • Shambling ghoul zombie
  • Mr. Hyde / Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Running angry zombie / Voodoo Zombie
  • Unclean spirits
  • Witches (conditional)
  • Regular vampires
  • The Mummy
  • Wolf-man
  • Frankenstein’s Creature
  • Dracula
  • Malphas, a Mighty President of Hell (& al.)
  • Cthulhu

and the #1 monster is…Nyarlathotep!

I'm Nyarlathotep, bitches!

“Monsters are rated according to how dangerous they are against each other, and then according to how dangerous they are to all the other monsters on the list (Unclean Spirits and Wolf-Man have little to fear from each other, for instance, but Wolf-Man is more dangerous to practically everything else). Only if all other metrics are equal is the relative danger to the average human considered–because, let’s face it, they’re all dangerous to the average human.  They are monsters.”

What do you think about this list? Are any monsters missing?


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a few pictures I took today in my ‘hood…((NOTE: this post lures you in with pretty photos and ends with some bitchin’ and moanin’))




the dog next door who looks at me like i’m a snausage


bird cage I got out of my neighbor’s trash

DSC_0019click here for a closer view


the dog is still staring at me


What’s that pile of crap, you ask? Well last week, I made the mistake of parking in the driveway next to my house…pretty sure the house next door is vacant. On Friday morning, I found a note on my car and this pile of trash (along with 2-3 big garbage bags) right behind my bumper. The note basically said ‘pay $25/month or get towed’

So I drove into my yard to get around the pile….and a week later,  half of it’s still there.

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halloween 09

Photo on 2009-10-24 at 18.31


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it’s coming soon! halloween is my favorite holiday, hands down. Last year, Kyle and I went as Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson.



Needless to say, we were a hit.

the paparazzi were everywhere

the paparazzi were everywhere

This year, I’m having trouble coming up with something, but here are a few ideas I’ve come up with so far…

Joan from MadMen

Joan from MadMen

Princess Giselle from Enchanted

Princess Giselle from Enchanted


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