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sock off

I have a dirty, dirty secret: I stuff my skates.

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It was love at first site when I got my Riedells, but just like any new skater, it’s easy to be confused about fit. The first pair I ordered were FAR too big. Since they come in men’s sizes and not women’s, I was told to order a size to a size and half below what I normally wear.

So on my second attempt, I ordered a 5.5 (I normally wear a 6.5-7 shoe size). And when they fit ‘good enough’ I was far too excited to do anything but strap them on and skate.

So my dearest roller skates… we’ve been together almost two years now, and well.. you’ve gotten a little big. Don’t get me wrong, you still look GREAT- barely a day over one! But I’ve been overcompensating for your stretch… piling on up to six… yes SIX pairs of socks. Which may or may not be contributing to my sore feet, ankles and shin splints.

What’s a roller girl to do?



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DJ socks

unnecessary, but necessary.

dj socks

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