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pain in the…

I try to tell myself I’m one of those people that’s immune to the effects of stress. I mean, that’s what roller derby is for, right? I have the opportunity to work out my frustrations on the track. Tell that to my aching jaw.

I grind my teeth while I sleep. Stressed or not… but especially when I’m stressed. Confession time: I have to wear a mouth guard to bed when I sleep because of this.

and I swear it looks nothing like this:


The past two weeks I’ve had big time jaw pain, despite wearing my mouth guard religiously. What the heck!? I’ve been getting a solid 8 hours a night. I’m eating well, exercising, even doing yoga… what else is there? Advice?



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in deep

taken by yours truly in my college photojournalism class

Ugh. Sorry for the recent gap in posts. I’m in over my head this week. Things have been a little hectic in both my professional and derby lives, however, my personal life has been rather uneventful! (in a good way)…

We did have a nice little Valentine’s Day

I gave Kyle his awesome print (below), and he gave me a vintage pillbox hat (I’ll snap a photo soon)

Kyle Hodges aka DJ TwinPeaks

I have a derby bout in Michigan this weekend, where I’ll be skating with the Tornado Sirens, YES! Wish me luck!

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