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lunch break thrifting

As you can see, I had some luck today. Who says you have to spend hours sifting through rack after rack? I found all this on my lunch break. Score.

1960s wool coat with faux fur collar (Salvation Army)

floral dress #fitslikeaglove (Salvation Army)



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I spent most of the day on the couch today, something I never ever do. I’m finally sick. I say finally because I’m surprised I haven’t caught the funk from someone else yet.

I just came across this blog and am insanely jealous of her alteration skills. I have so many vintage pieces that just didn’t fit quite right when I got them home (there’s no dressing room at the stores I go to)…

Day 40 - Before

Day 40 - After

Day 37 - Before

Day 37 - After

Day 23 - Before

Day 23 - After

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I’ve been in a funk for the past few days. I think the shortened exposure to daylight is getting to me.

nothing cheers this girl up like a trip to the thift store (and getting lucky!)

pretty house dress

sans shoulder pads

and not one, but TWO pairs of amazing boots in my size





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