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Belles and Sirens brought home a double victory from Columbus Ohio. I’m so proud of our league!

Here are some pics from Dr. X:

When we play away bouts, we wear white jerseys.

Look at that fierce pack!

Here it comes…


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tornado sirens and storm troopers

Wow, what an intense and highly entertaining bout this weekend. NRG overcame Sioux Falls 100 to 89. A VERY close game and a sold out crowd.

Maiden America broke the NRG record with a 28 point jam! (That’s twice as many points as I’ve ever scored in a single jam.) That woman is a super hero!

NRG.Scar.Wars.010 by Arilius0.

And, the theme of the night was Star Wars. Great costumes.

NRG.Scar.Wars.011 by Arilius0.

Chewy! (photos via Marc L)


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beat my valentine

hey… that one on the left looks familiar…


(via @ronlewhorn)

the story behind this poster is really cool, but for now just make sure you get your butt to the bout this weekend! Go NRG!


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special delivery: fresh produce and victory

I had an eventful weekend to say the least. It kicked off with my very first farm fresh delivery. Eating organic and local is something I really want to do more of.

I already eat mostly vegan, but for too long I’ve favored saving money over buying organic. FFD is an (insanely) easy step in the right direction.

kale, pears, garlic, apples, and a blood orange

Saturday was derby, derby, derby. This was my first home bout as a Tornado Siren. I only jammed once, but I scored 14 points! (photos via Marc and Tom)

The final score: Sirens win 225 – 18 over Derby City (Louisville, KY) Go Team!

Were you at the bout? What did you think?


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one for the record books

I’ve been having an amazing weekend, derby and otherwise. Here are a few pics from Naptown vs. Bleeding Heartland. Best photography I’ve seen at a bout yet!!



First bout at Pepsi Coliseum!


First, I was the Pivot



Then, I was the Jammer!


...and back and forth...


I had a 14 point jam!

Belles won Belles won 124 - 33

We won 124 - 33


My mom got to see me skate for the first time!


One of my favorite parts of the whole night was signing autographs

Check out even more pictures by Marc and Tom. For some commentary on the bout, check out the message boards. Way to go Belles and Sirens (Sirens won too!)

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I love my coaches

J. Roller and Diane Beatin

J. Roller and Diane Beatin'

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a few pics

from last weekend’s bout thanks to Tom Klubens

from flickr user dketchum

from flickr user dketchum

from flickr user dketchum

from flickr user dketchum

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