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a few pictures I took today in my ‘hood…((NOTE: this post lures you in with pretty photos and ends with some bitchin’ and moanin’))




the dog next door who looks at me like i’m a snausage


bird cage I got out of my neighbor’s trash

DSC_0019click here for a closer view


the dog is still staring at me


What’s that pile of crap, you ask? Well last week, I made the mistake of parking in the driveway next to my house…pretty sure the house next door is vacant. On Friday morning, I found a note on my car and this pile of trash (along with 2-3 big garbage bags) right behind my bumper. The note basically said ‘pay $25/month or get towed’

So I drove into my yard to get around the pile….and a week later,Β  half of it’s still there.

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