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I come from the future

Ever wish you could go back in time and deliver a message to your past-self?

Ever fantasize about how different your future-self would be? In 20 years, I’ll probably look like this:

Remember when our society was so optimistic about the ‘inevitable’ wonders the future would bring? Ahem. I’m lookin’ at you, jetscalator.  While we wait for our robot maids to finish the dishes, let’s check out this blast-from-the-past… about the future.

What the year 1999 looked like in 1967 (via paleo-future)

Split second lunches, color-keyed disposable dishes, all part of the instant society of tomorrow. A society rich in leisure and taken-for-granted comforts.

This clip of the kitchen of the future showcases a world of automation, maximized health, and a push-button culture.



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for the not-so-desperate housewife

The Vitra Design Museum just launched a collection of trays with designs by George Nelson, Alexander Girard and Charles & Ray Eames (The two Girards are hands down my favorite. Can you pick them out?)

Practical as they may be, I’d probably mount them on the wall. Wouldn’t you?

(via set via vitra)

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lunch break thrifting

As you can see, I had some luck today. Who says you have to spend hours sifting through rack after rack? I found all this on my lunch break. Score.

1960s wool coat with faux fur collar (Salvation Army)

floral dress #fitslikeaglove (Salvation Army)


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what happened to spring?

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love this look

…is it summer yet?


via (karlascloset)


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I spent most of the day on the couch today, something I never ever do. I’m finally sick. I say finally because I’m surprised I haven’t caught the funk from someone else yet.

I just came across this blog and am insanely jealous of her alteration skills. I have so many vintage pieces that just didn’t fit quite right when I got them home (there’s no dressing room at the stores I go to)…

Day 40 - Before

Day 40 - After

Day 37 - Before

Day 37 - After

Day 23 - Before

Day 23 - After

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