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what happened to spring?


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I don’t care what the calendar says

It’s SPRING in our house!

So what do you do when it’s 50 degrees and sunny in early March? Buy a bike of course.

It was too big to fit in the back of my car, so I had to ride it home from the bike shop. Then for dinner, Kyle got his grill on. Here’s what we ate.

yes, there's still snow in the yard


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say what?

…did I really just see highs in the 50s for this weekend? Break out the flippy-flops…


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is it spring yet?

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Kyle and I started talking gardening plans already… we’re so sick of the weather. Every year around this time I swear to myself that I will move to another (warmer) state. Until then… I’m going to start growing some seeds inside.


(via bonzaiaphrodite)

Check out this gardening guide from Bonzai Aphrodite… let’s get blooming already.

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Enough with the snow!

Well, it snowed again… so much that the museum closed today. What better way to spend my 1 yr. anniversary at my job than with a day off, ha. It also happens to be my dad’s birthday today. It’s currently snowing… when will it stop?

At least the sun is shining.

These little guys just opened up!


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snowy day

wow, we got some snow. Kind of ruined my Saturday morning running plans, but at least the sun is shining and my paperwhites are about to bloom.

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it’s always sunny in indianapolis

Since the weather here in Indiana is kinda nasty right now, instead of complaining, I thought it might be a positive exercise to conjure up some images of far away places I’ve traveled.

The truth is, I really haven’t traveled that much in my life. Part of that has to do with the fact that I’m afraid of flying (like really really afraid.) But, for the sake of ArtBabble, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Los Angeles last May. Fellow Nugget Danny and I documented the whole experience with photos and video. On our trip we met a lot of interesting people and dogs and enjoyed the sunshine, the warm weather, and (Danny especially) fresh tacos.

The reason we traveled was to film on location the construction of Andrea Zittel’s project, a large floating island to be installed in the lake of 100 Acres back in Indy. The island was fabricated by Barnacle Bros studio in East L.A. where upon arrival, we were greeted by a cast of characters led by a heavily tattooed man known as Smilee Barnacle. They brought us up to speed on the project and led us around the work shop, which looked more like a carnival parade storage room than any kind of studio! The interview we did with Smilee turned out to be pretty hilarious.

And here are some pictures I snapped throughout the day. You can find more here (They look a lot better when they’re bigger)

Legends of the Hidden Temple?

That's Danny filming Smilee and crew

Hey doggie

Shop dog

Barnacle Bros

From the desk of Mr. Barnacle...

Barnacle Bros

The colorful alley behind Barnacle Bros

Danny taping Smilee

Danny filming Smilee as he explains what materials were used for the island

There in the middle of the shop sat a snow-white igloo, which on closer inspection was not made of snow, but foam. And even better, it really looked like it would float! Smilee and his team used homemade tools to claw, shave, and mold the foam into a smooth, round shape. I can only imagine the spraying bits of foam as they hacked away at the towering mound of white.

It's snowing in LA

It's snowing in L.A.! (standing in a pile of foam bits)

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when the Barnacle crew brought the island to Indianapolis… only to be greeted by chilly temps and mud in the Art and Nature Park… Indiana at its finest! There was a lot of activity in 100 acres lake that week. Both the island and Eden II are now floating in the lake for all to see.

I felt kind of sorry for Andrea and the Barnacle Bros, wading around in the frigid lake, because their visit to Indy was a cold and damp one. Then again, they get to experience the beautiful California weather all year ‘round. (Special thanks to Smilee, Theresia and the whole Barnacle Bros. crew, Andrea, and the cool cats at The Getty for their kind hospitality.)

It sure was sunny in California but I think I’ll stick with Indiana. I’m kind of partial to the sunsets.

autumn sky

I snapped this photo outside my house a couple months ago

see my original post on the IMA Blog here.

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